How to optimise a website

Want to DIY?

For a long time SEO has been considered a bit of a "dark art" by those who are outside of the IT industry. Ultimately it is a correct understanding of the Google algorithm that allows an SEO to manipulate the Google search results in order to put his client at the top of the listing. As such many SEO's are careful about what advice they give, as they feel they are effectively cutting themselves out of a job by revealing too much! We have a different attitude here at Edit.

Simply understanding how Google works is not enough, you have to be able to use that understanding effectively in order to bring customers to your website. We believe that anyone who is really serious and has the funds to hire professionals like ourselves are going to so, because we will be able to bring a return on the spend much faster and more efficiently than someone who isn't a full time SEO no matter how much access to information that they have. Furthermore, the better educated our clients are on SEO, the better they can evaluate our work and see the high quality of service that we are providing.

Want to DIY?

Anyone who doesn't have the funds to hire us, are probably starting out. Why shouldn't these people have the knowledge to try and make their websites successful? We have had clients in the past have some success due to our advice, and then come to us with a budget to spend off the back of the early wins they have made when they were doing it themselves.

So whether you are a prospective client wanted to learn more about the basic steps on online marketing, or you are looking to try and do it yourself from scratch, why not download our easy to use DIY ten step guide and begin your journey in the world of internet marketing.

SEO DIY guide