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By 2009 70% of all households had internet access - that's 18.3million properties, an increase of 11% since the previous year.1 With so many people now turning to the internet to find information, suppliers and products, good Internet Marketing provides an opportunity to grow your business faster and more economically than any other form of advertising.

Traditional marketing involves quantity over quality. For example, a newspaper advert is seen by tens of thousands of people in a day, but how many of those of thousands of people are going to become customers? They have been trained over time to try and ignore the adverts, and they are probably not that interested in what you are offering them at the exact time that they do see the advert.

Internet marketing provides a unique opportunity to specifically target the people who are interested in your product, at the time where they are most likely to buy. For example, if you are a dating site, facebook allows you to target only single men over the age of 25. If you are running high end networking events linked in lets you target only senior managers of companies that have at least 200 employees. Most usefully of all, no matter what you do, the search engines like Goolge now mean that you can target people who are actively searching for your product or service, and ensure that they find your company first. The best thing? Not only can all of this be tracked accurately so you know exactly how many visitors you are getting, what they do when they are on your site, and what your return on investment is, but you are only having to pay to advertise to these good quality potential customers rather than the large quantity of people that are not interested in what you offer. Internet Marketing offers high Quality.

White Label Services

If you are interested in starting an Internet marketing campaign, why not contact us now. Depending on your business, your needs will be very different. We will be able to look at your industry and website, and make clear recommendations to you as to where you would best target your campaign. For a free no obligation telephone consultation, call us on 0845-257-0337 and ask to speak to one of the SEO's quoting "free internet marketing consultation". If all the main SEO's are busy, we will not put you through to someone else, we will simply ask for your details and one of the SEO's will call you back just as soon as they can.

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