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Case Studies

So you are interested in us as a company, but you want to know if we are really any good? Here at Edit Optimisation, our happy clients have turned out to be our best salesmen, so before we engage with a new client, we often hand out the phone number of a current client as a reference so you can talk to someone about their experiences working with us. Due to the difference we have made, it seems company directors are happy to donate some of their time to recommending us.

Before we get to the stage of you speaking to a current client, you perhaps want to just read a little bit about some of our client's success. We have too many clients to put on this one webpage, but why not download one of our case studies now:

  • Long term success: Growing a client over the years - Court House Clinics
  • Beating a recession: 285% increase in sales - Lanson Running
  • Dominating Google: Conquering the first page results - Crown Oil
Case Studies

We are always happy to provide more examples, and over the phone we can give you endless search terms to type into your computer where you will find our clients ranking nice and high in the search engine results - ourselves included! Whilst we have clients all over the UK, we have focused on SEO company London, and in an industry where every website is fighting for ranking, we are on the top of our game.

Why not contact us for more information now through the website or by calling 0845-257-0337.

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