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About Edit

In 2002, Edward Bennett (who remains the main company owner) had a conversation with Ron Kellermann from the web development company Forfront (www.forfront.net). Ron needed SEO, and knowing that Ed understood something of the search engines asked him for help. Back then the search engines were much more open about how they worked, so picking a serviceable name to work under temporally Ed delivered ranking as promised. The potential for this seemed unlimited, and thus "Ed IT" quickly became "EdIT Optimisation" and flourished as an SEO business.

Since its humble beginnings, Edit Optimisation now deals with large multinational companies such as Ebay owned www.gumtree.com. Keeping their roots however, they also continue to work with smaller family run outfits such as www.oakedoake.com and www.theoldbridgehousehotel.co.uk

About Edit

In it for the long term

Edit have always made their profits in the long term rather than the short term. This means that client retention is an absolute must, and Edit are proud to have a near 95% client retention rate. Everything is done with the long term in mind, this means onsite optimisation that is as up to date as possible in order to last the test of time, and link building that focuses on creating buzz on websites that will still be active in years to come.

Our clients - our greatest assets and best salesmen.
We look after our clients, and thus our clients look after us. Before engaging with us, should you wish to speak to one of our happy customers, we would encourage you to do so. Company directors and Marketing managers have happily offered to speak to new clients as a way of thanking us for growth that we have brought to their customers.

We are London link building company, run by SEO's who became tired of low-quality links that don't work