SEO & Marketing Website Audit

SEO Audit

If you already have a web developer dealing with your website, and want to ensure that your site is fully optimised so that you can rank in the Search engines, the SEO audit is the answer you have been looking for.

Why Optimise your website?

If your site is not seen as relevant for the terms that you want to rank on, you will have a tough time getting noticed through organic search results. This means ensuring that all elements of your website are working together to show search engines that you really should be on page one when someone types in your search terms.

SEO Audit

The Answer - A full SEO audit

The SEO audit shows you what you need to change onsite to get the best result you can in the search engines. We go through your entire website to produce a document that outlines all the SEO changes that need to be made. These are not vague 'general' outlines, but very specific instructions telling exactly how to address each and every SEO issue on the website. These are written with your coder in mind so that the entire document can be handed straight to the developer for immediate implementation. Working like this does two things:

  • Keeps your coding costs down, by making the work as easy to implement as possible.
  • Facilitates a fast result - when our spec is delivered the coder can get straight on with the work.

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