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Are you seeking new clients from the internet? Considering advertising through Google? Need a little assistance in moving forward and looking for the best bang for your buck? We can help you. Investing in a PPC campaign can be extremely profitable if you know your website converts and you make a good profit on the product or service. By getting professionals to put together your advertising campaign, you can rest assured that you will be spending the right amount of money in the right places, and never paying for keywords that are going to bring you little or useless traffic.

As well as this, our charging structure is designed to reduce your costs. Most Pay per click companies have a standard price, and afterwards take a percentage of your monthly spend. We don’t do that. We ask that you pay only for setting up the system in the first place, then hand complete control of it to you. If you choose to you can make further changes or alterations yourself. We do provide ongoing support, and if you'd like to add more keywords or change the campaign, we would of course be happy to do it - we will simply ask you to pay for the extra work we undertake. Interested? Give us a call for a quote, today!

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Edit Optimisation – the PPC experts

Operating out of a small London office as an internet marketing firm, Edit Optimisation's origins were quite modest. Offering their services in search engine optimisation at the very beginning - during a time when there was awfully little appreciation concerning how the search engines ranked websites - they quickly expanded as a direct result of the expansion of their customers. The greater Edit's clients did because of the introduction of increased numbers of consumers gained from the world wide web, the more they wanted to pay in to their internet advertising plan with Edit. The more money the customers spent with Edit initiating new internet promotions operations, the more visitors they gained through the web. Everyone benefited from this arrangement.
Pay Per Click Model
As Edit Optimisation became more popular, they steadily started to build clients across the country, gathering clients in towns like Wyre Forest and Teesdale. Following shortly after working with one of their original clients in Wyre Forest, and increasing the amount of visitors to their site, they were endorsed to other corporations in Wyre Forest and so the rate of demand grew at an astonishing frequency. As per usual, the guys at Edit Optimisation thrived on offering a high level of service.

A key aspect to Edit's impressive levels of client retention is their large skill-base that covers almost every side of internet marketing. Whilst they raised the bar as a business through organic seo (search engine optimisation), they promptly branched out to specialise as SEM consultants, and furthermore, they also offered pay for click services. Keeping their consultancy rates lower than most of their competitors, they found out that giving first-rate, honest, open advice to people, frequently for free, became an ideal way to grab new clients. Their PPC regulations altered, and they promptly reformed the way that they charged for Google Adwords and PPC in general, in order to make their packages unbeatable, both in terms of money, and the service that was delivered. Actually, a few of their earlier clients to join as Pay per click customers came from the Wyre Forest area and were very much pleased with the service we provided.

Essentially, they noted in the long term that their clients shifted over to SEO from Pay per click.

Job Vacancy Wyre Forest:

Are you an internet savvy salesperson? Are you self motivated and understand the basics of search engine marketing? We are currently seeking a representative for the Wyre Forest area. Please visit our careers page for more details.

Edit Optimisation: a search marketing & pay per click management firm serving Wyre Forest and the rest of the country.