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Pay per click (PPC) is a service that allow you to have your site appearing in the featured links section that show as the first search results. Many businesses understandably find the concept of PPC appealing; their advert will appear when their ideal targeted search criteria are looked for. Top billing of the Sponsored hyperlinks area, nevertheless, is attained by only the highest bidders – the companies who could end up losing more than they profit from unless their Pay Per Click marketing campaign is handled effectively.

Doing away with the use of standard percentage fees that would normally devour a client's Pay per click budget, Edit optimization provide a competitive service for your PPC marketing campaign giving you a one off startup fee, which will include designing a reporting system, advert copywriting and identifying optimum search terms. Any more optimisation you might require can be simply added whenever it is needed.

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Edit Optimisation started off as a simple London-based internet marketing company. Initially offering their services in search engine optimisation - during a time when there was incredibly minimal understanding and awareness concerning how the search engines ranked websites - they rapidly grew and expanded as a direct result of the expansion of their clients. The greater Edit's clients did as a result of the welcome introduction of extra visitors acquired through the internet, the more money they were able to pay in to their internet advertising plan with Edit. The more money the clients spent with Edit performing new internet marketing activities, the more visitors they made through the internet. It was an ideal arrangement.
Pay Per Click Model
As Edit's popularity started to take off, they slowly proceeded to take on customers across the country, working for clients in areas such as Winchester and Surrey. Upon getting one of their earliest clients in Winchester, and making them successful, they were recommended to other companies in Winchester and therefore the number of their clients grew at a fast rate. As per usual, they excelled in supplying a good service.

A major factor to Edit's consistent levels of client retention is their large skill set encompassing almost all facets of internet marketing. Whilst they made a lasting impression as a company through organic search engine optimisation (seo), they rapidly branched out to work as SEM consultants, and of course, they also supplied pay for click services. Keeping low rates for consultancy, they discovered, became a great way to grab new businesses, by giving sound, sincere, straightforward information, normally for free. Their pay per click regulations changed, and they swiftly reformed how much their clients paid for Google Adwords and Pay per click in order to make their rates unbeatable, both in the context of money, and ultimately the standard of work completed. Indeed, a handful of their first clients to sign up as PPC customers came from the Winchester area and were completely satisfied with the results.

Essentially, they noticed that ultimately their clients swapped from Pay per click over to organic search engine optimisation.

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Are you an internet savvy salesperson? Are you self motivated and understand the basics of search engine marketing? We are currently seeking a representative for the Winchester area. Please visit our careers page for more details.

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