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Are you seeking new clients through the web? Interested in running a series of adverts through Google? Need some assistance in moving forward and looking for the most out of your money? Edit Optimisation can help you. Investing in a PPC campaign can be hugely profitable if you know you can make a good profit on your service or products. By getting professionals to design and implement your campaign, you can be assured that you will be spending the right amount of money in the right place, and never paying for keywords that are going to bring you little or useless traffic

As well as this, our charging structure is specially designed to reduce your costs. Most PPC firms have a standard fee, and then take a cut of your total spend. We don’t do that. We charge only for setting up the system in the first place, then we can hand it over to the inhouse staff to oversee the campaign. This means that if you decided to, you could manage the campaign yourself from then on. We do provide optimisation and support, and if you'd like change the search words or convert the campaign, we would of course be happy to do it - we will simply charge you for the time it takes us to do the work. Interested? Call today for a quote!

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Over half a decade of PPC expertise

Edit Optimisation started off as a simple London-based internet marketing firm. During a period when search engines were still in their early days, and providing services in search engine optimisation from the start, the company quickly broadened their horizons as a direct result of the expansion of their customers. Everyone greatly benefited from this situation; the better Edit's customers did because of the introduction of more visitors obtained from the internet, the more they chose to spend on their internet advertising campaign with Edit. The more the customers invested towards Edit performing new internet marketing campaigns, the more clientele they gained from the world wide web.
Pay Per Click Model
As Edit Optimisation's popularity took off, they started to build customers from further afield, working for clients in locales like North Devon and Bath. Again, they thrived on supplying a good service. For instance, upon working with one of their original clients in North Devon, and increasing their web traffic significantly, Edit were recommended to other companies in and around North Devon and therefore the number of their clients grew at a fast rate.

A key aspect to their consistent levels of customer satisfaction is their large experience spanning almost all areas of internet marketing. While they made a lasting impression as a company through organic seo (search engine optimisation), they rapidly branched out to offer pay for click services, and furthermore, they additionally provided their services as SEM consultants. Keeping their consultation fees low, they discovered that supplying first-rate, genuine, straightforward information to people, normally free of charge, was a fantastic way to net new businesses. Their PPC department shifted, and they swiftly revolutionised their pricing structure for Google Adwords and PPC in general, in a bid to make their campaigns better value, both in terms of money, and ultimately the service that was delivered. Indeed, a handful of their initial clients to join as PPC customers worked from the North Devon area and were completely satisfied with the outcome.

Essentially, they realised that eventually their customers moved over to search engine optimisation from PPC.

Job Vacancy North Devon:

Are you an internet savvy salesperson? Are you self motivated and understand the basics of search engine marketing? We are currently seeking a representative for the North Devon area. Please visit our careers page for more details.

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