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PPC might be mistook for the holy grail of advertising. It would appear that it creates a stream of web traffic, actively looking for your product, which can be turned on and off as demand requires.

The only real drawback is the cost. The majority of Pay Per Click are bidding games. This seems to suggest that normally the people who receive the traffic are from the companies who are prepared to make least profit and sometimes make a loss. Pay Per Click needs to be done a skillful measured way.

As part of the package we can offer you a unique service. We only ask for a single simple set up fee thereby avoiding any percentage fee that so often loses a campaign its competitive edge. Included in this fee are, keyword research, ad copywriting and the design a reporting system. After that point any further help or optimization you would like we can provide as and when it's needed.

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Over half a decade of PPC expertise

Operating out of a small office in London as an internet marketing firm, Edit Optimisation's origins were relatively modest. During a period when the knowledge of search engines was awfully remote, and initially specialising in search engine optimisation, Edit promptly grew, which was directly due to the expansion of their clients. Everyone benefited from this arrangement; the better Edit's clients did from the influx of extra customers made from the world wide web, the more they chose to invest in their internet advertising plan with Edit. The more the clients spent with Edit performing new online marketing campaigns, the more clients made through the web.
Pay Per Click Model
As Edit Optimisation's reputation grew, they steadily proceeded to take on customers nationwide, gathering customers in areas like London and Chester. Upon providing a service for one of their earliest clients in London, and increasing the amount of visitors to their site, Edit were praised to other companies in and around London and so their client base exploded at an astonishing frequency. Again, they thrived off supplying an excellent standard of service.

A major factor to Edit Optimisation's consistent levels of customer satisfaction is their wide know-how spanning nearly all facets of internet marketing. Whilst they set the bar as a company through organic seo, they promptly expanded to offer pay for click services, and on top of that, they additionally worked as SEM consultants. Maintaining competitive rates for consultancy, they discovered, was an ideal way to take on new businesses, by offering good, genuine, straightforward guidance, often at no charge. Their pay for click department changed, and they rapidly refashioned their pricing structure for Pay per click and Google Adwords in order to make their costs better value, both in the context of money, and ultimately the standard of work completed. Indeed, some of their initial customers to come on board as PPC customers worked out of the London region and were delighted with the service we provided.

Essentially, Edit noted that in the end their customers swapped from Pay per click over to search engine optimisation. Their SEO consultancy methods began to indicate this and, as time went on, this foresight in fact ended up saving lots of their customers a great deal of money as the price of maintaining an PPC enterprise inflated quickly. As internet search engine marketers, Edit stand out as the most appropriate in their area if you are looking for this service SEM, and they hold an unwavering rate of accomplishment for PPC customers based in London.

Job Vacancy London:

Are you an internet savvy salesperson? Are you self motivated and understand the basics of search engine marketing? We are currently seeking a representative for the London area. Please visit our careers page for more details.

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