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Pay per click (PPC) is a form of marketing that means you can have your website featured in the Sponsored links boxes at the top of the search listings. Many companies are drawn to pay per click; they see that their advert will be perfectly targeted to those that are particularly interested. The drawback is that top billing of the Sponsored hyperlinks section is only attainable by the highest bidders – businesses can end up losing more than they gain unless their Pay Per Click marketing campaign is dealt with in an effective way.

Getting rid of the use of normal percentage fees that would normally devour a customer's budget, Edit Optimisation offer a specialised service for your Pay Per Click marketing campaign by asking for a one time setup fee, which will cover identifying optimum search terms, advert copywriting and designing a reporting system. Any further optimization you could require can be added easily when it is asked for.

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Optimised pay per click is more profitable

Edit Optimisation started out as a modest internet marketing company working out of London. Providing services in search engine optimisation from the start - in a period when there was incredibly remote appreciation regarding how the search engines worked - Edit rapidly branched out, which was primarily attributed to the growth of their clients. It was an ideal scenario; the better Edit Optimisation's clients did through the welcome influx of new shoppers gained from the internet, the more they chose to spend on their internet promotions campaign with Edit. The more money the customers used for Edit implementing new online marketing activities, the more clients they acquired through the web.
Pay Per Click Model
As Edit Optimisation's popularity took off, they slowly began to take in clients from further afield, working for clients in areas like Liverpool and Essex. As per usual, Edit thrived on offering an excellent standard of service. For instance, shortly after providing a service for one of their first clients in Liverpool, and increasing their traffic significantly, Edit were suggested to other companies in and around the Liverpool area and so popularity exploded quickly.

A major aspect to their high rate of customer satisfaction is their broad know-how that ranges across almost all facets of internet marketing. While they made their mark as a business through organic seo, they promptly expanded to offer pay for click services, and on top of that, they additionally specialised as SEM consultants. Having competitive consultancy rates, they discovered, turned out to be an amazing way to take in new clients, by giving first-rate, honest, frank counsel, generally for free. Their pay for click arrangements adjusted, and they promptly revolutionised the way that they charged for Pay per click and Google Adwords to make their service highly competitive, both in terms of money, and the standard of work carried out. Actually, a handful of their initial clients to sign up as Pay per click customers worked from the Liverpool region and were very happy with the results.

Ultimately, Edit noted that eventually their customers changed over to SEO from Pay per click.

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Are you an internet savvy salesperson? Are you self motivated and understand the basics of search engine marketing? We are currently seeking a representative for the Liverpool area. Please visit our careers page for more details.

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