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Pay per click (PPC) has masses of confusing representation as a sure fire way of reaching number one in the search engines.

In actual fact, the truth is that it is a gamble. If handled badly Pay per click will allegedly cost your business more than you hope it'll create for you, even if you're getting more traffic. What's more you might be paying somebody else the extra expense of an extra commission for doing it for you.

PPC has to have a careful, considered approach from experienced web marketers like us at Edit Optimisation.

Our unique one payment service enables you to steer clear of paying any unnecessary regular commissions. We'll include keyword research, ad copywriting and designing a reporting system to ensure you obtain the top results from your Pay Per Click campaign.

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Optimised pay per click is more profitable

Edit Optimisation started out as a humble London-based internet marketing company. Initially specialising in search engine optimisation - at a point when search engines were still very much in their infancy - Edit quickly broadened their horizons as a direct result of the expansion of their clients. The greater Edit's customers did through the conversion of new clients received from the world wide web, the more they chose to use on their internet marketing plan with Edit. The more the customers used for Edit performing new web marketing campaigns, the more visitors they obtained from the world wide web. It was an ideal situation.
Pay Per Click Model
As Edit Optimisation became more renowned, they slowly began to take on customers from further afield, finding customers in areas such as Ireland and Blackburn. As per usual, Edit thrived off supplying an excellent standard of service. For example, after working with one of their earliest clients in Ireland, and increasing the amount of visitors to their site, they were praised to other corporations in and around Ireland and therefore the number of their clients grew at a fast rate.

A major aspect to their impressive levels of customer satisfaction is their expansive know-how encompassing nearly all facets of internet marketing. While they raised the stakes as a company through organic search engine optimisation (seo), they promptly grew to provide their services as SEM consultants. On top of that, they additionally supplied pay for click services. Keeping rates for consultancy low, they found out that providing first-class, honest, frank information to people, frequently for free, proved to be an ideal way to net new companies. Their pay per click responsibilities shifted, and they quickly reformed their pricing structure for Pay per click and Google Adwords in a bid to make their packages unbeatable, both in the context of money, and the standard of work completed. As a matter of fact, a selection of their original clients to come on board as Pay per click customers worked from the Ireland region and were very pleased with what we delivered.

Ultimately, they discovered that their customers changed from Pay per click over to SEO. Their SEO consultancy techniques started to reflect this and, as the past became the present, this forethought, as it turns out, ended up saving most of their clients big sums of money as costs of maintaining a Pay Per Click campaign expanded dramatically. As internet search engine marketers, Edit Optimisation are still the most appropriate through and through if you require this service SEM, and they hold a time-tested success rate of Pay per click customers based in and around the Ireland area.

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