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Pay per click (or PPC for short) is a form of marketing that allows you to have your website showing in the sponsored section that shows the first search results. Lots of companies understandably find the concept of PPC appealing; their advert will be shown when their ideal targeted search terms are looked for. Top ranking of the Sponsored links section, however, is attained by just the highest bidders – the companies that might end up losing more than they stand to profit unless their Pay Per Click marketing campaign is handled in an effective way.

Doing away with the use of normal percentage charges that would normally eat away at a customers Pay per click budget, Edit optimization provide a competitive service for your Pay Per Click campaign by charging a one time setup fee, which will cover designing a reporting system, advert copywriting and identifying optimum search terms. Any further optimisation you could require can be added easily whenever it is requested.

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Edit Optimisation – optimising your PPC campaign for a high ROI

Edit Optimisation's foundations were as a simple internet marketing firm working out of London. Practising search engine optimisation from the start - in a period when the comprehension or awareness of search engines was really remote - the company promptly grew, which was directly due to the expansion of their customers. The better Edit's clients did through the influx of more traffic obtained from the world wide web, the more money they wanted to use on their internet advertising plan with Edit. The more the customers spent with Edit doing new web marketing campaigns, the more buyers they acquired from the internet. It was a perfect win-win situation.
Pay Per Click Model
As Edit Optimisation's popularity took off, they slowly proceeded to draw customers from further afield, gathering clients in areas like Greenwich and Plymouth. As always, they thrived off supplying a highly valued service. For example, upon getting one of their founding clients in Greenwich, and making them successful, Edit were praised to other firms in the Greenwich area and therefore their client base exploded at a fast rate.

A key aspect to Edit Optimisation's consistent levels of client retention is their wide skill-base that ranges across almost all aspects of internet marketing. While they raised the bar as a business through organic search engine optimisation, they rapidly expanded to offer pay for click services, and furthermore, they also specialised as SEM consultants. Keeping competitive consultation prices, they discovered, was an amazing way to gain new sites, by offering good, truthful, straightforward guidance, generally for free. Their pay for click section changed, and they promptly remodelled their pricing structure for Google Adwords and Pay per click to make their rates better value, both in terms of money, and the standard of work carried out. Actually, a selection of their earlier customers to join as Pay per click customers worked out of the Greenwich area and were very much pleased with the outcome.

Ultimately, they realised that eventually their customers shifted from PPC over to organic SEO.

Job Vacancy Greenwich:

Are you an internet savvy salesperson? Are you self motivated and understand the basics of search engine marketing? We are currently seeking a representative for the Greenwich area. Please visit our careers page for more details.

Edit Optimisation an pay per click management & internet marketing firm serving Greenwich and the rest of the United Kingdoms.