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Are you seeking new clients from the internet? Looking to start advertising on the search engines? Need a little help taking the first step and searching for the most out of your money? Edit Optimisation can help you. Running a PPC campaign can be very profitable if you make a good profit margin on the amount you spend on the adverts in the first place. By using our professional pay for click specialists to put together your campaign, you can be assured that you are generating the correct type of traffic and not spending your money on small amounts of low-grade traffic.

In addition to that, our charging structure is specially designed to reduce your costs. Most Pay per click companies have a flat fee, and afterwards take a percentage of your monthly spend. We do not do that. We ask that you pay only for the initial set up and optimisation, then we hand complete control over to you. It is quite possible, therefore, if you so wish to take over the campaign management and make further changes or alterations yourself. We do provide optimisation and support, and if you would like to refine the search terms or convert the campaign, we would of course be happy to do it - we will simply charge you for the time it takes us to do the work. Interested? Call now for a quote.

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Edit Optimisation – the PPC experts

Edit Optimisation started as a modest internet marketing firm operating out of London. Initially providing search engine optimisation - at a point when the comprehension and understanding of search engines was exceedingly limited - Edit promptly branched out as a direct result of the expansion of their clients. The better Edit Optimisation's customers did due to the welcome addition of increased numbers of people obtained through the internet, the more money they wanted to invest in their internet advertising campaign with Edit. The more money the clients invested towards Edit implementing new internet promotions operations, the more clientele they made through the web. It was an ideal scenario.
Pay Per Click Model
As Edit's popularity started to take off, they began to take in customers nationwide, finding customers in towns such as Chichester and Milton Keynes. Following shortly after providing an SEO service for one of their founding clients in Chichester, and increasing their web traffic significantly, Edit were endorsed to other companies in Chichester and so the number of their clients grew rapidly. As per usual, Edit Optimisation thrived on providing an excellent standard of service.

An important factor to their consistent levels of client satisfaction is their extensive know-how that covers nearly all facets of internet marketing. While they left a lasting impression as a company through organic search engine optimisation, they promptly branched out to provide their services as SEM consultants. On top of that, they additionally provided pay for click services. Keeping consultation prices low, they found out that providing sound, truthful, frank advice to people, normally for free, turned out to be an amazing way to acquire new firms. Their PPC policies changed, and they promptly reformed the way that they charged for PPC and Google Adwords in a bid to make their campaigns better value, both in terms of money, and ultimately the standard of work completed. As a matter of fact, some of their earlier clients to come on board as Pay per click customers worked out of the Chichester area and were very pleased with what we delivered.

Essentially, they realised in the long term that their customers moved from Pay per click over to organic search engine optimisation.

Job Vacancy Chichester:

Are you an internet savvy salesperson? Are you self motivated and understand the basics of search engine marketing? We are currently seeking a representative for the Chichester area. Please visit our careers page for more details.

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