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Are you looking for new clients through the web? Looking to start advertising on the search engines? Do you need help getting going and want to get the best deal for your money? We can help you. Implementing a PPC campaign can be very profitable if you make a good profit margin on the amount you spend on the adverts in the first place. By using our professional pay for click specialists to design and set up your campaign, you can be confident that you will be spending the right amount of money in the right places, and never paying for keywords that are going to bring you little or useless traffic.

In addition to that, our charging structure is specifically designed to save you money. Most Pay per click corporations have a standard price, and afterwards take an ongoing commission. We don’t do that. We ask you to pay only for setting up the system in the first place, then we will train your inhouse staff on how to run the campaign. This means that if you so choose, you can manage the campaign yourself from then on. Support is provided, and if you want to change the search words or change the campaign, we would of course be happy to do so - we will simply charge you for the time it takes us to do the work. Interested? Call today for a quote!

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Edit Optimisation – optimising your PPC campaign for a high ROI

Working from a small office in London as an internet marketing company, Edit Optimisation's origins were quite simple. Originally practising search engine optimisation - in a period when search engines were still new to some - Edit swiftly broadened their horizons as a direct result of the growth of their customers. It was a perfect win-win scenario; the greater Edit Optimisation's customers did as a result of the welcome conversion of new clients made through the web, the more money they wanted to put towards their internet marketing campaign with Edit. The more the clients put towards Edit implementing new internet marketing activities, the more shoppers they received from the world wide web.
Pay Per Click Model
As Edit Optimisation's popularity started to take off, they slowly began to get customers across the country, gathering clients in areas like Blackburn and Newport. After working with one of their founding clients in Blackburn, and making them successful, Edit were suggested to other firms in Blackburn and so the rate of demand exploded at a fast rate. Again, the guys at Edit Optimisation thrived off supplying an excellent standard of service.

An important factor to Edit Optimisation's high rate of client retention is their broad know-how spanning nearly all facets of internet marketing. Whilst they raised the stakes as a business through organic seo (search engine optimisation), they swiftly grew to work as SEM consultants. Moreover, they additionally supplied pay for click services. Having competitive consultancy rates, they discovered, became an ideal way to sign up new clients, by offering sound, reliable, frank help, normally for free. Their PPC regulations altered, and they promptly revolutionised how much their clients paid for Google Adwords and Pay per click in general, in a bid to make their prices better value, both in the context of money, and ultimately the service that was delivered. Actually, some of their initial clients to come on board as PPC customers worked out of the Blackburn region and were delighted with what we delivered.

Ultimately, they noticed that eventually their customers transferred from Pay per click over to SEO.

Job Vacancy Blackburn:

Are you an internet savvy salesperson? Are you self motivated and understand the basics of search engine marketing? We are currently seeking a representative for the Blackburn area. Please visit our careers page for more details.

Edit Optimisation: a search marketing & pay per click management firm serving Blackburn and the rest of the country.