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The time of the Thompson Local is quickly passing as the UK becomes more computer based and people turn to the internet to seek out the goods and services that they want to spend their money on. Having a presence on the world wide web is without a doubt now crucial if you want to see a constant flow of new customers in the long term. However, building a website alone isn't enough. Even the smartest website will achieve no beneficial results if it doesn't have a stream of potential customers coming to it. So the thing to consider is, how do you achieve traffic to your site? This is where a good internet advertising company like ourselves come into play.

An accomplished internet marketer will be able to look at your website and the product or services that you're offering, and then best advise you as to what plan of action you should be embarking upon in order to get fresh customers. Whether they advise you to run a PPC campaign banner adverts, contextual ads, carry out SEO on your site or start a targeted email marketing campaign, a savvy internet marketer has the skills to design your online campaign, and then execute it with easy to see results. Here at Edit Optimisation, no matter what your product or services, we are prepared to look at your situation and then help those potential clients find your company. If you are interested in getting new customers through the internet, perhaps you should get in touch either through the 'contact an SEO' box, or by phoning us. One of our specialist marketers is standing by keen to assist you.

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Edit Optimisation began as a simple internet marketing company operating out of London. At a time when search engines were still in their early days, and providing search engine optimisation from the outset, Edit swiftly broadened their horizons, which was primarily attributed to the expansion of their customers. The greater Edit Optimisation's clients did because of the addition of increased numbers of customers made from the world wide web, the more money they could put towards their internet marketing campaign with Edit. The more the clients spent with Edit performing new internet marketing activities, the more visitors they made through the internet. Everyone benefited from this arrangement.
Internet Marketing Model
As Edit Optimisation became more and more popular, they proceeded to take on customers from further afield, working for customers in areas like Worcestershire and Kettering. Again, they prided themselves in offering an excellent standard of service. For instance, following shortly after getting one of their original clients in Worcestershire, and increasing the amount of visitors to their site, they were suggested to other companies in and around the Worcestershire area and therefore their client base grew at an astonishing frequency.

A major aspect to their consistent levels of client retention is their wide skill set covering almost all sides of internet marketing. Whilst they raised the stakes as a business through organic search engine optimisation, they rapidly branched out to offer pay for click services. Furthermore, they also worked as SEM consultants. Maintaining low consultancy rates, they found out, was the best way to take on new sites, by supplying first-class, honest, forthright information, frequently at no charge. Their pay for click department grew, and they rapidly remodelled how their clients paid for Google Adwords and Pay per click in a bid to make their costs highly competitive, both in terms of money, and the standard of work carried out. Actually, some of their earlier clients to come on board as Pay per click customers worked out of the Worcestershire area and were very much pleased with the results.

Essentially, Edit found in the long term that their clients transferred over to organic SEO from Pay per click.

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