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In 2008 company budgets dedicated to internet advertising surpassed all other methods of marketing, which is understandable. Internet promotions provide accurate levels of reporting, the best targeting and a favourable return on investments. Because nearly every mobile phone, property and office has access to the net, it has never been more urgent to put your company where it will be seen.

At Edit Optimisation we have been internet marketers for almost a decade. We have the experience, knowledge and assets to supply a custom package to make your company take off!

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Working out of a small office in London as an internet marketing firm, Edit Optimisation started out quite small. Specialising in search engine optimisation at the very beginning - during a period when there was extremely remote appreciation and awareness about how the search engines operated - the company promptly branched out, which was directly due to the growth of their clients. The better Edit's customers did through the influx of new clients acquired through the internet, the more money they wanted to put towards their online marketing plan with Edit. The more money the customers spent with Edit doing new web marketing activities, the more traffic they obtained from the world wide web. It was a perfect situation.
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As Edit's popularity grew, they began to take on customers from further afield, gathering clients in places like Sussex and Cornwall. As per usual, Edit Optimisation prided themselves in supplying a highly valued service. For instance, shortly after working with one of their flagship clients in Sussex, and making them successful, Edit were recommended to other companies in and around Sussex and therefore the number of their clients exploded astonishingly fast.

A major factor contributing to Edit Optimisation's impressive levels of customer satisfaction is their large knowledge spanning nearly every side of internet marketing. While they made their mark as a company through organic seo, they rapidly grew to provide pay for click services, and on top of that, they additionally provided their services as SEM consultants. Keeping consultancy rates low, they found out that offering sound, honest, upfront information to people, usually at no charge, became the best way to sign up new businesses. Their pay per click policies changed, and they rapidly reformed how much their clients paid for Pay per click and Google Adwords in a bid to make their service highly competitive, both in terms of money, and the service that was delivered. Actually, a few of their initial customers to come on board as PPC customers worked out of the Sussex area and were very pleased with what we delivered.

Ultimately, Edit realised that eventually their customers transferred over to organic SEO from Pay per click.

Job Vacancy Sussex:

Are you an internet savvy salesperson? Are you self motivated and understand the basics of search engine marketing? We are currently seeking a representative for the Sussex area. Please visit our careers page for more details.

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