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The year of the Yellow Pages is swiftly passing as people in this country turn to Google, Yahoo or MSN to find the goods & services that they want to buy. Having a presence on the world wide web is without a doubt essential if you wish to prosper in the future. However, owning a site is not enough. Even the most visually impressive website will achieve no beneficial results if it doesn't have a stream of potential customers coming to it. So the question is, how do you get visitors to your website? This is where a good internet promotions firm like ourselves can help you.

An accomplished internet marketer will be able to look at your website and the product and services that you are offering, then best advise you on what course of action you should be planning in order to get new clients. Whether they advise you to run a pay for click campaign, banner adverts, contextual ads, organically optimise your website or run a targeted email marketing campaign, a good internet marketer is capable of designing your online strategy, and then executing it with easy to see results. Here at Edit Optimisation, regardless of your product or service, we are prepared to examine your situation and then enable you to help those potential clients find your website. If you are curious about getting brand new customers through the internet, perhaps you should contact one of our specialists either through the 'Contact one of our specialists' box, or by phoning us. One of our specialist marketers is standing by set to help you.

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Working out of a small office in London as an internet marketing company, Edit Optimisation's origins were reasonably modest. Specialising in search engine optimisation at the very beginning - at a time when there was awfully remote knowledge and appreciation about the inner workings of the search engines - the company quickly expanded, which was primarily attributed to the expansion of their clients. Everyone greatly benefited from this arrangement; the better Edit's clients did through the arrival of increased numbers of people gained through the web, the more money they were able to use on Edit's web marketing budget. The more the clients used for Edit doing new internet promotions campaigns, the more customers they obtained through the internet.
Internet Marketing Model
As Edit's popularity grew, they proceeded to draw customers across the country, gaining clients in areas such as Somerset and Milton Keynes. After working with one of their earliest clients in Somerset, and increasing their traffic significantly, Edit were praised to other firms in the Somerset area and so the rate of demand for their services increased greatly. Again, Edit Optimisation thrived off supplying a highly valued service.

A major factor to their impressive levels of customer retention is their extensive skill set ranging across nearly all facets of internet marketing. Whilst they made a lasting impression as a business through organic seo (search engine optimisation), they promptly grew to supply PPC services. Moreover, they also specialised as SEM consultants. Maintaining competitive consultancy rates, they discovered, became the best way to net new businesses, by giving sound, reliable, forthright help, frequently at no cost. Their pay per click policies changed, and they swiftly remodelled their pricing structure for Google Adwords and PPC to make their packages competitive, both in the context of money, and ultimately the standard of work carried out. As a matter of fact, some of their original customers to join as Pay per click customers worked from the Somerset area and were completely satisfied with what we delivered.

Essentially, they realised that in the end their clients shifted from Pay per click over to search engine optimisation.

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