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As the internet becomes ever larger, so do the different ways in which you can 'surf'; from basic apple Macs and macbooks, right through to PDA's and hand held PDA's. So, when new methods of exploring the internet are produced, it only serves to expand the amount of potential customers that could reach your website - however only if you've a marketed website.

Larger budgets were used for internet promotions through 2008 than on any other single marketing activity, and this trend is bound to increase over time. Edit-optimisation has helped the successful growth (through seo activities) of companies using the world wide web for 6 years and counting. Our specialist knowledge could help you too.

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Edit Optimisation's origins were as a small London-based internet marketing firm. Originally providing services in search engine optimisation - at a point when there was really minimal knowledge concerning how the search engines operated - Edit rapidly broadened their horizons, which was directly due to the expansion of their customers. The better Edit's clients did as a result of the conversion of extra visitors acquired from the world wide web, the more they chose to use on Edit's internet promotions budget. The more the customers invested towards Edit doing new internet promotions activities, the more traffic they acquired through the web. Everyone greatly benefited from this scenario.
Internet Marketing Model
As Edit Optimisation's reputation grew, they slowly began to take on clients across the country, getting clients in places such as Nottingham and Southampton. As always, the guys at Edit Optimisation thrived off supplying a highly valued service. For example, after providing an SEO service for one of their original clients in Nottingham, and increasing the amount of visitors to their site, Edit were recommended to other corporations in and around Nottingham and therefore the numbers of clients exploded quickly.

One of the main factors contributing to Edit Optimisation's impressive levels of client retention is their broad wisdom ranging across almost all sides of internet marketing. Whilst they made a lasting impression as a firm through organic search engine optimisation, they swiftly branched out to provide their services as SEM consultants, and naturally, they also provided pay for click services. Maintaining low consultation fees, they discovered, turned out to be an amazing way to grab new customers, by offering first-class, reliable, upfront advice, normally for free. Their pay for click section grew, and they promptly remodelled their pricing structure for Google Adwords and Pay per click in general, to make their packages unbeatable, both in terms of money, and ultimately the standard of work carried out. Indeed, a selection of their earlier customers to join as PPC customers worked out of the Nottingham area and were very pleased with what we delivered.

Ultimately, Edit discovered that ultimately their clients switched over to search engine optimisation from Pay per click.

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